Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can i paint my car with oilbase enamel?

Cars are painted with lacquer or polyurethane.Can i paint my car with oilbase enamel?
Most cars today are painted with urethane and mostly two stage base/clear. Not too recently they were painted with Enamel and before that lacquer. Depends on what type of finished result you are looking for but an oil based paint will work, just not the way you are hoping forCan i paint my car with oilbase enamel?
Sure. Why? You need a heated spray both to bake the paint, and enamels are a pain in the *** to apply sometimes. Then you need to finish off the paint job to get the best look. Too much work for too little result.

Water based paints are the way to go. They are more expensive but they're easier to apply. Lots of paint suppliers sell entire kits, so all you need to do is mix and spray.

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