Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can i apply acrylic paint over enamel spray paint?

I want to apply 2 layers of spray paint to a skateboard. I want to spray it with a layer of black and then a layer of red and put tape over the black area to preserve the black and leave areas to outline the design because i want to put an anime character in the black area. Also does acrylic paint go better on a black surface?Can i apply acrylic paint over enamel spray paint?
Usually no. It depends on whether the enamel paint is water or oil based. They're usually oil based. Read the can, if it says to clean up w/ anything but water- don't use it under a water based paint.

When doing this, you may want to do layer- black, tape, white then red- the red may not come out that great over the black unless you put like a zillion layers over it.

Before you take the tape off, run an exacto blade around it, otherwise it'll lift up some of the dry paint that's stuck to it.
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